Big Data Expo – Utrecht

Big Data Expo Utrecht

Mobilising both big data and community will create knowledge and transform healthcare.

In a world where patients are currently treated using an often ineffective one size fits all model, the judgements behind which treatments and therapies are used is increasingly becoming an exercise in data science.

Anita_Data Expo
Anita Blakeston delivering Keynote speech at Big Data Expo, Utrecht

Employing big data technologies and the advanced analysis of large volumes of complex genetic, clinical and patient data at the intersection of science and healthcare is now widely acknowledged to be central to improving clinical research, and powering the shift towards precision medicine. But data by itself is not enough; it is our ability to communicate and collaborate around that data to create new knowledge that is key to transforming healthcare.

Chris Roche, CEO of Aridhia, a pioneering clinical informatics company, and Eric Heemskerk, Commercial Director of Vancis, the Netherlands based ICT service supplier, talked about how their own collaboration is using data science to help research and healthcare organisations in the Netherlands and beyond to unleash the combined power of community and data to reinvent how care is delivered.

Anita_Keynote_Data Expo
(Left to right) Chis Roche, CEO, Aridhia, Harry Peaker, Data Analyst, Aridhia, Erik Heemskerk, Commercial Director, Vancis with Anita Blakeston, Project Manager, ADVOCATE, University of Leeds.

Anita Blakeston, representing ADVOCATE as the “end-user” of Big Data, joined them in the Keynote and gave an overview of the ADVOCATE project and its ambitions for changing the model of dental care in Europe.