Dr. Melinda Madléna

melinda madlena
Dr. Melinda Madléna

Dr Madléna is an Associate Professor at Semmelweis University Department of Pedodontics and Orthodontics (2007-), where she also educates in preventive dentistry, oral biology, and preventive aspects of prosthodontics. She began her research career at the Medical University of Debrecen in Hungary, working within its Dental Faculty, where she had previously graduated. Since then she has performed epidemiological studies and further scientific examinations on the relationships between caries, periodontal diseases and other contributing factors in different populations. In 1995, she defended her phD thesis with the title of “Stomatological aspects of prevention” at the Hungarian Scientific Academy (1995).

Dr Madléna has more than 90 with more than 350 citations presently, received more grants, awards and prizes. She has been participating international dental congresses, she has more than 90 scientific lectures among them more invited lectures.

Research interests:

  • Epidemiological examination of the oral health status in different adult and child populations
  • Oral aspects of different systemic diseases
  • Possibilities of caries prevention in different risk populations
  • Tooth erosion and dentin caries with special interest of the possibilities of remineralisation