Work Package 2: European Inventory

Professor Gail Douglas – WP2 LEAD

Work Package Lead:
Prof. Gail Douglas BMSc (Hons), BDS (Hons), PhD, MPH, FDS RCS (Ed), FDS (DPH) RCS

University of Leeds, England

Oral diseases (tooth decay and gum disease) are problems which build up over years and the prevention or treatment are influenced by historical policies and practices. The researchers in Work Package 2 will look at how these systems have changed over the past 50 years and how these changes affect oral health at present.

In addition, WP2 will establish networks of stakeholders and public/patient groups to investigate the range of influences which can have an impact on oral health and current outcomes of care.

Detailed work will study the background of tooth decay and gum disease levels, whether it is affected by status or culture. It will also study how health and health promotion measures affect oral health. The researchers will also consider whether the choices made by the dental care team or the patient may be an influence e.g. the payments scheme used. Reports will be made from 6 different countries from which common features may be found.

The work will gather data through academic partners throughout Europe: health insurers, healthcare teams, policy makers and commissioners. Just as important is that patients and the general public voices are at the centre of all the work so focus groups, interviews and web questionnaires will be used to collect information.