Work Package 4: Dashboard Development

Emma McDonald
Emma McDonald – WP4 Lead

Work Package Lead: Emma McDonald

Aridhia, Scotland

An electronic Oral Healthcare “dashboard” will be developed, containing patient data (with no identifying names) collected from a number of countries across Europe. Users of the dashboard will be able to look at the top level and compare one country with another on how many teeth are extracted or filled. Users can then “drill down” or focus in on one area of the country in more detail. This will be available for use by the general public, health policy makers, health insurers and dental health practitioners.

A Patient Engagement application “App” will also be developed which will allow patients to be asked their opinion on their dental treatment. This web-based application can be accessed from desktop or from tablet-style devices and could be used by patients from various locations, including whilst attending their practitioner’s clinic. Users will be involved early-on in the software development process and will be encouraged to provide feedback on how best to make the software user-friendly.