stands for Added Value for Oral Care

“Big Data”, a growing area of healthcare research, collects and studies information available from patient attendances at hospital, dentists or other healthcare settings to try to improvement outcomes for patients. The estimated spend on tooth decay per year in Europe of 79m Euros prompted the European Commission to fund new research, using this data, into oral (dental) healthcare. This exciting and challenging project will establish how we can collect and process information on dental (oral) health for the population in Europe. The data will be gathered from insurance records and will be made secure and fed into a data dashboard, which will be used to analyse and compare dental activities in the different countries. The best practices will be used to try to influence dental healthcare in all countries and encourage everyone to try to prevent dental health problems rather than accepting restorative treatments, like fillings and extractions.

A 4 year project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, ADVOCATE is a collaboration between universities in Amsterdam, Budapest, Copenhagen, Cork, Heidelberg and Leeds, Health insurance companies in Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands, the NHS, and biomedical informatics company Aridhia.